Ethiopia national holidays

Date English Amharic Remarks
January (ጥር) 7 Ethiopian Christmas Genna (ገና)
January (ጥር) 19
Leap year: January (ጥር) 20
Epiphany Timket (ጥምቀት)
March (መጋቢት) 2 Victory at Adwa Day የአድዋ ድል በዓል Ethiopia’s victory over Italian invading forces  in 1896.
Spring (date is moveable) Good Friday Siklet (ስቅለት)
Spring (date is moveable) Easter Fasika (ፋሲካ)
May (ግንቦት) 1 Labour Day  የሰራተኞች ቀን
May (ግንቦት) 5 Patriots’ Day  የአርበኞች ቀን For Ethiopian patriots who resisted Fascist Italy’s invasion from 1936-1941.
May (ግንቦት) 28 Derg Downfall Day May 28 is commemorated by the current ruling party.
September (መስከረም) 11
Leap year: September (መስከረም) 12
New Year’s Day Enkutatash (እንቁጣጣሽ)
September (መስከረም) 27
Leap year: September (መስከረም) 28
Finding of the True Cross Meskel (መስቀል)

The following Muslim holidays listed below may take place at any time of the year.

Date English Amharic
Date is moveable Ramadan  ረመዳን
Date is moveable Mawlid  ምዋሊድ
Date is moveable Eid al-Fitr  ኢድ አልፈጥር
Date is moveable Eid al-Adha  ኢድ አል አድሃ